Current Projects

Voxel Arcade

(PC VR, Unity C#)

About: Main features:
Voxel Arcade is a Boss Fighting VR game. With their right hands, the players can control the ship – using a virtual joystick – that can move forward, right, and left on a circular railway. The left hand is used to control and fire the weapon with a crosshair projected onto the window of the spaceship.

The plan for the game is to have a fully immersive arcade feeling with bosses and minions the player has to attack/avoid with the main goal of defeating everything. The players would also have multiple gadgets on the control panel to aid them in battle.

Virtual Reality
Custom Models
Peculiar Ingame Controls

The game and every asset were made by me.

Western Shootout

(PC VR, Unity C#)

Western Shootout is a VR game that is the result of a VR-compatible redesign of one of my previous non VR games. The game is about quick reaction and precise aiming. The players must equip their guns, aim, and shoot the target on the signal.

The non-VR version had a fully working multiplayer (Unity Networking) with a custom implemented server browser and 2 different modes.

The plan for the current game is to have multiple game modes and multiplayer implemented.

The game with the exception of the models, soundtrack and UI were made by me.


(Android, Unity C#)

About: Main features:
The game is a simple hyper-casual Android game. The players swipe with their fingers to rotate the rod in a way to avoid the obstacles and to collect the stars.


The idea came from the TV show “Hole in the Wall”. The plan is to have a fully implemented campaign, multiple game modes, and unique obstacles.



Multiple Maps

The game and every asset with the exception of the soundtrack were made by me.