VR Player Models


Customizable VR character models that can be used in many VR projects. 

The body, shirt, and accessories were made in Blender, optimized for performance to be compatible with All-in-One VR Headsets. 

Rigged/Animated Horse

(Voxel, Blender)

This voxel-style horse model was made for a Joust VR game I was prototyping.

The horse was made in MagicaVoxel, rigged in Blender, and animated in Unity. I have also made a knight opponent.

Voxel Villagers


The following models were made for an RTS game I was making a long time ago.

All the buildings had an “under construction” version as well, for example, a half-built house until the villagers finished the building process.

Voxel Arcade


Some of the models that were made for the VR game called Voxel Arcade.